Gary Oldman It ain’t white boy date is it shirt

I punched in Gary Oldman in the google search to see his Bio but some shockingly horrible nude photos popped up.. i was like..WOW he’s really let himself go to hell Gary Oldman It ain’t white boy date is it shirt then I realized i didn’t type the “R”…….it makes a difference.  If you go to Perry’s wall and look at where she worked all you have to do is remove an “r” and it’s just too perfect.
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So many actors, as good as they are, you never really stop thinking, ‘oh, that’s Tom Hanks playing a captain.’ Gary Oldman It ain’t white boy date is it shirt, he becomes the part so masterfully you can easily forget (or not even realize) who is playing the part. Part of the reason he is so underrated by the public is because Gary Oldman the Actor disappears into the part. When I scrolled down his imdv listings, I was floored at how many things I had seen him in, but didn’t even realize! And all outstanding performances too.

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