Chihuahuas you can’t have just one vintage kid shirt

When you save an animal’s life through fostering and adopting rescue Chihuahuas you can’t have just one vintage kid shirt, it makes you glow from inside and appreciate your own life, too. And that’s exactly how I ended up with 12 throw-away dogs in addition to my 3 “normal” dogs. Wouldn’t trade them for anything else on earth.
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You are the most king, loving person to do this. It did not go unnoticed. Wish there were more people like you. Got to love them. As long as theyre all happy and well taken care of, thank you for your kindness and help. Chihuahuas you can’t have just one vintage kid shirt. We have 4 dogs 1 is a rescued furbaby. 1 is sore of a rescue baby. Her owner passed away and the family wasn’t able to take her. If someone didn’t take her she would go to dog pound. So we took her. The others we already had. They have given us so much love. God bless the lady and all who rescue animals.

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